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Wallace Kowrach's career as an artisan began over 27 years ago with the purchase of a table saw. Gradually, as his tool collection grew so did his design skills and the sophistication of the work. According to Mr. Kowrach, "With computer technology, we've sacrificed style for speed. In the case of writing instruments we’ve learned to settle for a cheap 10-cent pen to sign some of life's most important documents However, there are a good number of us who still appreciate the qualities of a fine writing instrument." That same approach guides him in creating distinctive wine accessories and custom designed gifts for any occasion..


It has been said that Nature never creates the same exact thing twice and neither does Mr. Kowrach. Two gifts made from the same material, fabricated in the same style and shape will never be mirror duplicates. This means no matter what you choose, you'll know your gift will be as original as the person receiving it, or giving it.



"I want people to be able to hand these down to their sons or daughters, so I've designed and crafted all my writing instruments with the best materials I can find. Quality lies in the attention to detail so each piece I create is carefully assembled by myself. No mass-production methods are ever used in my studio."

— Wallace Kowrach, the Exceptional Artisan





The Exceptional Artisan featured
at the 2012 Academy Awards!

Over 100 actors and celebreties each recieved one-of-a-kind unique writing instrument as a gift provided by the Exceptional Artisan.


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and other news here!

Louis Gosset Jr.
at the 2012 Academy Awards!



Member of IAP (International Association of Penturners) and
MID Jersey Chamber of Commerce and The Artisan Group






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